shri panchayati akhra mahanirvani

Makar Sankarnti Shahi snan started at Sangam

Akhada Mahanirvani

Akhada Mahanirvani

Shahi Snan started with Shri Panchayati  Mahanirvani  Akhada  sadhus taking holy dip at Sanganm.   Mahanirvani  Akhada  sadhus are first who takes bath in kumbh mela. Their bathing time start from around 6:00 AM. Every Akhada has allotted 40 minutes time. All sadhus from each akahda must finish their bath (snan ) in this time period.

After shahi snan of one   akhada the revier  bank (ghat) is cleaned for bathing  for next akhada. Shahi Snan will continue till evening.

[schema type=”event” evtype=”Festival” name=”Makar Sankarnti Shahi Snan” description=”The time from sunrise to sunset on Makar-Sankranti is very auspicious. A Holy bath during this period carries special significance. Those who take a holy bath in the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri acquire pious credits .” sdate=”2013-01-14″ stime=”06:00 am” edate=”2013-01-14″ duration=”13:00″ city=”Allahabad” state=”Uttar Pradesh” country=”IN” ]

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  1. Isha
    Isha says:

    The Kumbh, is held every six years on the banks of Sangam. Second only to the Kumbh in sanctity, the Kumbh also attracts devotes in millions, from all over the world. Magh Mela is an annual event held at the Sangam…


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