Uttar Pradesh State Government is the organizer for the upcoming Kumbh Mela in year 2019 at PrayagRaj (Allahabad). The government has allocated land to Tourism dept. and different spiritual organizations so that they are organize their camps for their followers. Most of religious organizations don’t charge any amount for stay in their camp from their followers. If you are first time visitor in Kumbh Mela 2019 than you can look for paid accommodation from UP Tourism and other private operators in and around kumbh mela.

We will soon publish list of paid accommodation available within 1km of Kumbh mela aera. Most of Private companies which setup their camps in PrayagRaj (Allahabad) are 3km to 5km away from actual kumbh mela site. During Mela you can’t use any vehicle and walking 5km from camp site to sangam aera is difficult job.


Which one is better? Stay in Kumbh Mela or Private Cottages

If the criteria is service and infrastructure , then cottages (swiss tent type) are better as they provide better services like clean toilets, hot water and electricity and security. If one is visiting kumbh mela to get spiritual insights of this festival and want to learn the path of Dharama as described in Sanatan Dharama scriptures then  choosing  accommodation with a religious organization makes more sense.  

How easy it is to get accommodation through Tourism Dept.

As I mention that Government of UP offer land to UP tourism department so they can provide accommodation to visitors at low cost. But getting Tourism’s dept.  cottages is a difficult task. We got a feedback from our visitors that  They don’t not reply to the visitor’s emails. If  anyone reading this is able to book your kumbh mela stay with them then please leave a comment and share your experience with others.

How easy is with religious Ashramas or Organizations?

Not as difficult as getting accommodation through Tourism dept. but one should know whom to contact else it is easy to get frustrated. Also Ashram’s and religious organizations don’t provide private cottages for single family. They will offer you large tent which you have to share with 10 to 20 other devotee visitors. You will not find clean toilets as maintaining them is difficult when you are accommodating 1000s in space which is meant for 100s.  

There are many religious groups that have taken land from government for setting up their camps and the count may reach 500+  . However, most of these groups don’t maintain websites so it is difficult to get in touch with them. For your benefit we would keep updating the website with their names as and when we get more information

Free Accommodation in Kumbh Mela

Most of religious groups offer free accommodation which are simple tent dormitories with basic facilities. 

If know any organization name you can share the name of other religious organizations name and address with others in comments.

Travels and Tour Operators Cottages.

If you are looking for luxury cottages with AC, WiFi and hot water clean toilets then go for private cottages. Their prices high for simple do


Peak days are between 13th january to 16th january.  2nd February to 6th February and 8th February to 11th February


Category of site : Economy Site

Room Catagory : economy (small tent 2 Pax)
Peak : 4000.00
Non Peak : 2500.00
Room Catagory :  economy (EP tent 4 Pax)
Peak : 12000.00
Non Peak : 8000.00
Category of site : Deluxe Site


With all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Category of Room : Deluxe (Swiss cottage 2 pax)
Peak : 10000.00
Non Peak : 8000.00

Category of Room : Luxury (Swiss cottage 2 Pax)

Peak : 16000.00
Non Peak : 12000.00
Shuttle Transfer:
Allahabad Airport pick up : INR 700/person
Allahabad Railway Station pick up : INR 500/person
Varanasi Airport or Railway station : INR 2000/person.

Optional Tour:

1. Kumbh Mela Experience Tour- 2 hrs 30 mins

This tour is complete introduction of Kumbh Mela.

INR 1500 per person.

2. Akhara Experiences – 2 hrs 30 mins

INR 1500 per person.

3. Naga Experiences – 2 hrs 30 mins

INR 1500 per person.

4. Joy Ride & River Cruising Experiences – 1 hrs

INR 1000 per person.