Where Shahi Snan will take place during Kumbh Mela 2015 Nashik

Nashik (Nasik)?Kumbh Mela also know as Sinhastha?or Simhastha is special as it doesn’t have large plains to host one of the largest gatherings in the world. Also in this kumbh shaivites and vaishnavites?take holy bath at different places. Main Shahi snan will start from 29th August 2015.

Shaivites?Shahi Snan ceremony will ?take place on Kushavarta kund. There are total 10 Shaiv Akharas who will take bath in three Shahi snan.


Vaishnavites?will take a bath in Ram Kund. There are three Vaishnav Akharas

In Year 2015 as per government estimate 50 million devotees will take holy bath in this Kumbh Mela.

For Kumbh Mela Shahi Snan Dates

Kumbh Mela Administration

Nashik Kumbh Mela updates

Fund allocation for Kumbh mela 2015

Apex committee of the state government on the mega event headed by the chief minister has approved Rs 1,052.61 crore for Kumbh plan of the NMC, one-third of the amount i.e., around Rs 350 crore is to be given by the state government, while Rs 350 crore-Rs 400 crore is to be given by the central government. It means that the NMC may get maximum Rs 750 crore from the state and central governments.

During the last Kumbh mela held in 2003-04, the total plan of the district was of Rs 448 crore, including the NMC’s plan of Rs 230 crore, of which the NMC had raised Rs 100 crore on its own.

Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has identified parking areas

The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has identified 23 parking areas, including three large ones, in the city in view of the Kumbh mela scheduled in 2015-16.

Traffic management will be a major challenge for the administration as around 75 lakh people are expected to visit the city during the mela, particularly on auspicious days for the holy dip.


Maharashtra reserves 58-acre residential area in Tapovan for Sadhugram

The Maharashtra government has approved the change in reservation of 58.48 acres of residential area in Tapovan, Panchavati for the proposed Sadhugram, which would accommodate visiting sadhus for the 2015 Kumbh Mela in Nashik. Around 3 lakh sadhus are expected to visit Nashik during Kumbh 2015.

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Devotees leaving kumbh mela area

Widening of Shahi Marg from Tapovan to Ramkund Godavari for Nashik Kumbh 2015

Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has started work of widening shahi marg (from where sadhus will go to banks of Godavari for shahi snan (royal bath or holy dip)).

The width of the existing Shahi Marg (road), which stretches from Tapovan to Godavari via Nag Chowk, Kalaram Temple and Sardar Chowk, varies from 4.5 metres to 6 metres at different locations. In year 2015 more devotees will visit kumbh mela hence city administration is planing to widened road from 9 metres to 15 metres depending on the area.

The proposal of land acquisition presented at the standing committee for the widening project, include the 12-metre road from Panchamukhi Hanuman mandir to Shrikrishna ice factory, 9-metre road from Sardar Chowk to Kalaram Mandir East door, 15-metre road from Kalaram Mandir to Nag chowk to Katya Martuti Chowk and 12-metre road from Ramkund to Malviya Chowk to Katya Maruti – marked in the development plan of the standing committee.

Speaking to TOI, a senior official of the civic body said, “We will send the proposal to the district collector after we get a copy of the resolution on the acquisition of land from the standing committee of the municipal corporation. The district collector will then start the process. The land acquisition and widening of Shahi Marg is expected to take place before the Kumbh mela begins.”

In last kumbh mela in Nashik in year 2003, 29 pilgrims were killed at Sardar chowk on the Shahi Marg in a stampede.

Before the 2003 Kumbh, a new Shahi Marg was created, but which runs parallel to Godavari river from Tapovan to Ramkund.the sadhus refused to take the new route on the grounds that it passed near a cemetery.which is inauspicious. The NMC had apparently not consulted the sadhus before creating the new Shahi Marg.

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nashik kumbh mela 2015

Maha Kumbh Mela at Nashik Maharashtra India Year 2015

Nashik Maha Kumbh Mela 2015

Nasik Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is the most eventful and significant spiritual get-together for Hindus in India. It is held once in every Twelve years. at Four important pilgrim centers take turns to host it. These are Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar. Every 12th year, the Kumbh Mela is held on a grand scale at each above cities. This grand celebration is called Puran Kumbh.

Nashik is the centre for Kumbh in the state of Maharashtra. Millions pilgrims go to the Nasik Kumbh Mela and take a dip in the holy waters of Kushavarta and Ramkund. The Kumbh at Nashik is believed to be the most sacred festival of all.

The Sadhus who visit the Kumbh in large numbers reside in the Tapovan which is situated at the left bank of river Godavari.

Climate In Nashik

The climate in Nasik is pleasant throughout the year except for the summer months from March – Mid June. The summers are very hot and the maximum temperature can go up to 42°C and it is advisable to avoid going to Nasik during this time. Nasik enjoys medium rainfall from June to September and it is a good time to visit. The Winters are from December to February and the climate is pleasant. This is the best time to go there.

Since Nashik is one of the important cities of Maharashtra, it is well-connected by road, rail and by air with all parts of India. It is 185 Kms away from Mumbai and one can reach there via NH-3. Pune is 220 kms. Deluxe and luxury buses are available from Shirdi, Pune, Aurangabad and Mumbai. There are two airports near Nasik – Pune and Mumbai and both are 175 Kms from Nashik. Nasik is well-connected to many cities and towns via railway, since it is one of the important stations of the Central Railway.

The Story behind Kumbh

The holy water Amrit had to be protected from the demons. The demigods hide it at different places namely Patllok, Swargalok and Mrutyulok. They were on the earth (Mrutyulok) for twelve days of demigods which is equal to twelve years of earth for them. The gods stayed on the earth with the Amrut for twelve years. Therefore, the Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years at four places where drops of Amrut had fallen.
The Kumbh Mela is celebrated depending upon the position of the stars and planets. When Guru (Jupiter) and the Sun are in the zodiac sign Leo(Simha Rashi), the Kumbh is celebrated in Trimbakeshwar, Nasik. When the Sun is in the zodiac sign Aries(Mehsa Rashi), the Kumbh takes place at Haridwar. When Guru(Jupiter) is in the zodiac sign Taurus(Vrishabha Rashi) and the sun is in the zodiac sign Capricorn(Makkar Rashi), it is celebrated at Prayag. When Guru(Jupiter) and the Sun are in the zodiac sign Scorpio(Vrishchik Rashi), it is celebrated at Ujjain.

Shri Shankaracharya had once appealed to his disciples of the Vaidik Dharma to come together at the time of the Sinhastha Kumbha Mela, while he was recognizing the importance of the Kumbha. The devotees and pilgrims along with people from various religions and sects assemble for the kumbha adter following Shri Shankaracharya’s appeal.

The next Kumbh Mela at Nashik will be celebrated in the year 2015. The festival will start on 14th July and will continue for a year.


Date-2015 Day Event
14th July 2015 Tuesday Flag hoisting of the main ceremony at Ram Kunda
14th August 2015 Friday Flag hoisting of the Akhara at Sadhugram
29th August 2015 Saturday First Shahi Snan
13th September 2015 Sunday Second Shahi Snan
18th September 2015 Friday Third Shahi Snan

For more information on Kumbh Mela, follow the link to the facebook page  Kumbh Mela

Taking bath at the banks of mother ganga in kumbh mela 2013

Recent Photos of kumbh mela

Latest Photos of kumbh mela 2013

I have taken these pics on 8th and 9th Feb at various places in kumbh mela. Soon I will upload photos taken on 10th Feb which was the main bathing day.
If you want to share your photos with us please send us through our email, if you have website send us its link for crediting your work and we will also post them on our FaceBook page.

Sadhu at Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela 2013 Live Video Streaming

Live Kumbh Mela Videos

Almost all the news channels in India are covering kumbh mela. If you want to view live broadcast of kumbh mela than visit news channel websites. I will try to update you with latest information from kumbh mela on our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/KumbhMela2013.

Live videos will be broadcast from 5:30 Am onward on shahi snan day. First shahi snan  starts at 6:00Am.

Live coverage of kumbh mela will be only on main bathing dates.


I will add more links on the day of shahi snan. Visit this page for latest live videos from kumbh mela 2013.
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Jai Ganga Maiya


shri panchayati akhra mahanirvani

Makar Sankarnti Shahi snan started at Sangam

Akhada Mahanirvani

Akhada Mahanirvani

Shahi Snan started with Shri Panchayati  Mahanirvani  Akhada  sadhus taking holy dip at Sanganm.   Mahanirvani  Akhada  sadhus are first who takes bath in kumbh mela. Their bathing time start from around 6:00 AM. Every Akhada has allotted 40 minutes time. All sadhus from each akahda must finish their bath (snan ) in this time period.

After shahi snan of one   akhada the revier  bank (ghat) is cleaned for bathing  for next akhada. Shahi Snan will continue till evening.

[schema type=”event” evtype=”Festival” name=”Makar Sankarnti Shahi Snan” description=”The time from sunrise to sunset on Makar-Sankranti is very auspicious. A Holy bath during this period carries special significance. Those who take a holy bath in the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri acquire pious credits .” sdate=”2013-01-14″ stime=”06:00 am” edate=”2013-01-14″ duration=”13:00″ city=”Allahabad” state=”Uttar Pradesh” country=”IN” ]

Aerial view of tents in kumbh mela

Aerial View of Kumbh Mela 2013

Aerial view of kumbh city created during festival

Here are recent photos shot using RC planes by our friend Gaurav during kumbh mela 2013. You can visit his website  http://www.flyingcameraproductions.com Flying Camera Production for covering  kumbh mela you can get more photos from his website.


Documetary Amrit Nectar of Immortalit​y


AMRIT NECTAR OF IMMORTALITY is a documentary which was shot at the time of the biggest pilgrim festival of the world — the Kumbh Mela — in Haridwar (north India). The film tells the stories of people and their connection with the holy river Ganges. Pilgrims, ascetics, yogis, western emigrants, scientists and environment activists report from their life on the holy river, their belief, the future of the Ganga and the importance of Amrit — the nectar of immortality. But what is Amrit? Is it a mysterious drank? The holy water of Ganges? Or rather an inner way to the immortality of the soul? The film is a journey in search of answers to these questions, a journey in a strange world, in search of the nectar of immortality.

More info at http://amritfilm.net
and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amrit-Nectar-of-Immortality/274445935923655

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